WOMEN'S SELF-DEFENSE  taught by a woman, for women!

Empower Yourself!

This is a hands-on, Self-Defense program for women taught by a woman with over three decades of experience. Don't be a victim! Protect yourself and your children from unwanted advances, domestic abuse or worse - attack! Learn scientifically-proven techniques in a safe environment. The program is called 911 Self-Defense because in that moment of rare uncertainty, YOU ARE 911!  Unfortunately, we cannot rely on others to run to our aide, or police to arrive timely.  Thus EMPOWERING YOURSELF for just $30/hour has never been so important. Questions? Call or text 321-230-6657 or, REGISTER NOW


This program serves as a fantastic bonding experience for mothers/daughters, co-workers, friends, and married or dating couples.  Empowering oneself is highly appropriate for those heading off to college, women in "at-risk" jobs such as real-estate and third-shift workers and single women.   Men are welcome to attend (we need attackers)!     :-)

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