Mondays & Thursdays 7:30pm-8:30pm (LOCATION 1)
Saturdays 11:45am-1pm (LOCATION 2)

LOCATION 1: Reiter Park, 311 W Warren Ave, Longwood, FL 32750
Currently all classes are held outdoors with simultaneous online streaming Mon and Thur nights.

LOCATION 2: Begins Sat Aug 7, 2021. Grind Fitness, 154 N 4th St. Lake Mary, FL 32746

WELCOME to a new Way of Life...Find your Moral Compass!
Take advantage of the only authentic, ITF Taekwon-Do school in Seminole County  by joining our family free for a week!  We are proud to offer family-friendly rates with no contracts!  Our program runs year-round.  We are committed to teaching authentic, original Taekwon-Do as it was meant to be taught by it's creator and founder, General Choi Hong Hi (1918-2002).  

Chief Instructor/Program Director: Master Michelle A. Golino-Crisco, VII Dan, Certified International Instructor, 2X USA Women's Team, student of the art since 1980, instructor since 1985, is eager to teach all those willing to learn.  

MEMBERSHIP: $95/mo individuals; $125/mo family of 2 or more, scholarships available.  

Training in the Park
Training in the Park



Training in the Park
Training in the Park

Students empower themselves with real life skills. Each class is interesting and educational. There is a world of science behind technique that is often explained. Our program comes with very little downtime so be ready to train!  Self-Defense, patterns, kicking, blocking, strengthening, stretch exercises, board-breaking, step-sparring and more are all part of this curriculum. The tenets of taekwondo and student oath are taught, encouraged and tested in class.  Students in this program are promoted when they've shown an acceptable level of progress, not on standard timelines. Students are eligible to compete in tournaments that take place in Orlando, Ocala, Lake Mary, Miami and Disney's ESPN (extremely popular, annual televised martial arts event).  Our school offers a pathway to tryouts for the U.S.A. ITF Taekwon-Do Jr. and Adult Teams. 

Lil' Dragons

Ages 4-7

Lil' Dragons learn everything from their right to left to what is right from wrong.  We play games that focus on coordination, strength and comradery.  Lil' Dragons learn very quickly the importance of "listening ears" and the benefits of self-discipline.  Students make new friends, have fun and learn valuable techniques.  

Family Training

Get off the Bench and Train with Your Kids!

Ever feel like you have nothing in common with your children with all the technology that grabs their constant attention?  Imagine challenging one another, competing as a family against other like-minded families, learning and advancing through the ranks together, practicing at home - together! 
"A Family That Kicks Together Sticks Together"!

Pre Teens

Ages 8-12

Burn calories and build muscle while learning the true art of Taekwon-Do under the careful guidance of Certified International Instructor, Master Golino-Crisco. This is a fantastic program that builds confidence, strength and flexibility while releasing STRESS. Join us! You'll make life-long friends!  We have a great group of disciplined martial artists who truly enjoy their training. Don't worry if your child does not fit the "discipline mold", he or she will quickly learn the value and benefits of self-discipline in our program.


Ages 13+

It's never too late to start, nor is it ever too late to return!  Join us for a few free classes then decide!  Exercise can be tough in our later years, but what we don't use, we will lose! Movement is key to our health and well-being.  Master Golino-Crisco understands this first hand. She is cognizant of common adult aches and pains during class so rest assured, you will not be asked to go above and beyond your capabilities.  There is a clear difference between motivation and stupidity.