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RECORD BREAK: 9-board turn back kick. SEE THE VIDEO HERE.

Master Golino-Crisco, VII Dan
Program Director/Instructor
"Master G" began her Taekwon-Do program at the J. Douglas Williams YMCA in May, 2015. Women's Self-Defense workshops began just under a year later.  Master G. was born and raised in CT where she operated a Taekwon-Do school from 1997-2010.  She is married with four children.  Click here for Master G.'s full martial arts resume.

Sahyon Golino-Crisco

Mrs. Renee Powell, II Dan
Assistant Instructor

"Ms. Renee" has education and knowledge in both World Taekwondo and ITF Taekwon-Do.  She is quite advanced in our school's required step-sparring curriculum.  Ms. Renee came to our school in 2017.  We love the help she provides all of our students, but especially how she motivates our younger students.  

II Dan

Sabom Renee Powell

Mr. Alan Montesdeoca, III Dan
Assistant Instructor
"Mr. Alan" came to World-Class TKD in 2017.  He has been a long-time member of the YMCA and is a former martial arts school owner.  Mr. Alan brings 20+ years experience to our school.  His dedication to our school, his motivation to never stop learning, and his ability to encourage others is highly commendable.  Mr. Alan has both World Taekwondo and International Taekwon0-Do knowledge and experience. 


Sabom Alan Montesdeoca

Mr. Dorian Hernandez, II Dan
Assistant Instructor
"Mr. D", became a member of World-Class Taekwon-Do in 2018.  He was promoted to II Dan by Grand Master Hwang in August 2019.  Mr. D leads our school's disciplinary committee.  He is not only educated in ITF Taekwon-Do, but also in various weapons and styles of self-defense. His enthusiastic, strict instruction is a benefit to our students.

II Dan

Sabom Dorian Hernandez


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