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Master G, VII Degree

Michelle Golino-Crisco "Master G." has studied the art of authentic Taekwon-Do "TKD" for over 40 years. Throughout decades of insuperable dedication, she managed the martial arts careers of more than 1,000 souls. Master G. is a 2nd generation student and master instructor of the art with a history dating back to its founder, General Choi Hong Hi. She is a 2x World Champion, Certified International Instructor, trauma-trained professional, self-defense guru and survivor of gun and domestic violence. Her story, faith and passion moved her to organize A Charity Empowered to Save Souls ( in 2021., a 501(c)(3) empowering individuals of all ages and abilities to protect themselves from acts of violence and aggression. World Class Taekwon-Do is the largest fundraising arm of SEE OUR 2023 IMPACT VIDEO HERE!  Master G. serves as Chief Instructor, guiding students to become their "best self". She was featured in Stroll Magazine, the Sanford Herald and more for her work serving individuals with disabilities and for her lifetime dedication to the art of authentic Taekwon-Do. Master G. earned her BS in Business Administration from Southern CT State University and served in public and private accounting for over 25 years. Today, she resides in the community in which she serves with her husband and four children. Follow her on YouTube @EmpowerWithMasterG!



I degree 1985

ITF-USTF# A-1-3910

II degree 1988

ITF-USTF# A-2-744

III degree 1997

ITF-USTF# A-3-682

IV degree 2001


V degree 2005

ITF-UITF# A-5-13

 VI degree 2015

ITF-UITF# A-6-24

VII degree 2019

ITF-UITF #A-7-17



Stroll Magazine

Amputee Coalition 

Thrive, Elevating the Amputee Community

Sanford Herald, Women's Self Defense

Thrive, 2nd article 

World Eventz online community


Began training age 10, Branford, CT (1980)

First Female Promoted to I Degree in Original School (1985)

Member in Good Standing, ITF/USTF (1985 - 2002)

Member in Good Standing, UITF (1997-Present)

Authentic ITF Certifications (as pictured on this page) & Seminars:

1st through 4th issued/stamped under authority of General Choi Hong Hi, after the General's passing

in 2002, 5th and 6th degrees signed/authorized by Grand Master Hwang, Kwang Sung.

Certified International Courses & Seminars with Grand Masters & Masters (1985-present)

General Choi Hong Hi IX degree, founding Father of Taekwon-Do (CT, NY and NJ, 1985-1989)

Grand Master Miguel Reyes, IX degree, UITF (CT 2022, 2023)

Grand Master Hwang (Kwan Sung Hwang) IX degree, KATU, now UITF. (CT, MA, FL, 2003-2019)

Grand Master Charles E. Sereff, IX degree, USTF. (CT, NJ, PA, VT, MA, 1985-2002)

Grand Master Osvaldo Rios Olivero, IX degree, ATF,  President PANAM GAMES, (FL, 2017)

Master Michael Bonfiglio VIII degree GTF. Ms. G.'s original Taekwon-Do instructor (CT, 1980-1995)

Master Harris Bonfiglio VIII degree, GTF. Ms. G.'s original Taekwon-Do instructor (CT, 1980-1995)

...and many others such as the late Master Benny Rivera, and Master Choi Jung Hwa.


World Championships

1989 New Haven, CT USA, 1st Place Individual Female Pattern, 1st Place Individual Female Sparring

Present: General Choi Hong Hi

2003 Thessaloníki, Greece, 3rd Place Individual Female Pattern

Present: Grand Master Hwang, Kwang Sung

Present: Grand Master Rhee, Ki Ha


Career Accomplishments

Founder, A Charity Empowered to Save Souls,, a non-profit organized to empower souls through self-defense and authentic taekwondo. Nearly 2,000 souls empowered in the first two years.

Most accomplished power break: 9-board turning back kick (video here) - Circa '98.
Most accomplished power hand: 2-board suspended knife hand, 4-board downward reverse knife hand. 

Fierce competitor and champion of numerous awards for pattern (tul), board-breaking (kyulpa) and sparring (kyoruggi) from 1983-2008

Guest Instructor for various Taekwon-Do schools throughout New Haven and Fairfield County CT, (1989-1997)

Owner/Chief Instructor Eastern Taekwon-Do, Monroe, CT 1997-2010, World Class Taekwon-Do, Lake Mary FL 2010-present.

Coach, Mentor, Trainer and Choreographer for Multi-Award-Winning Eastern TKD Demonstration Team

Chief Instructor for anti-bullying, self-defense (ho-sin-sul) program throughout New Haven, CT Magnet schools from 2004-2006

Founder Eastern Comradeship Awards, 2005-201.

Guest Instructor for various Taekwon-Do schools throughout Seminole County, FL (2013-2014)

Chief Instructor, World-Class Taekwon-Do (J. Douglas YMCA 2015-2020, post-covid Reiter Park, Longwood.)

Creator, 911 Women's Self-Defense Program (2016)

Founder Central Florida ITF TKD Championships (2018-2020)



Irfan Ali-Amin, I Dan 8/8/20

Irfan Ali-Amin, II Dan 3/26/22

Maryam Amin, I Dan 8/8/23

Rey Arriaga, I Dan

David Aucello, I Dan

Alex Beaupre, I Dan

Amanda Benson, II Dan

Thomas Cicarelli, I Dan

Laia Demartino, I Dan 3/26/22

Christopher Dodge, I Dan

James Dodge, I Dan

James Donnelly, I Dan

Toni Fiorillo, I Dan

Toni Fiorillo, II Dan

Toni Fiorillo, III Dan

Richard Fisher, I Dan

Paul Friedman, I Dan

Michael Gibilicso, I Dan

Michael Gibilisco, II Dan

Mason Golino, I Dan 8/8/20

Mason Golino, II Dan 8/26/22

Neal Gosain, I Dan

Neal Gosain, II Dan

Sonya Gosain, I Dan

Sonya Gosain, II Dan

Sonya Gosain, III Dan

Brian Griffin, I Dan

Riley Grubb, I Dan 5/18/23

Linda Halko, II Dan

Robert Halko, I Dan

Christian Hays, I Dan 8/8/20

Nathaniel Hays, I Dan 10/8/22

Zoe Hays, I Dan 3/26/22

Kai Hedin, I Dan

Dorian Hernandez, II Dan, 8/7/19

Dorian Hernandez, III Dan, 8/5/23

Luc Hoefle, I Dan

Persephone Hoefle, I Dan

John Hurley, I Dan

Eric Julian, I Dan

Eric Julian, II Dan

Mary Rose Julian, I Dan

Mary Rose Julian, II Dan

Ashley Kuligowski, I Dan

Eric Lambert, I Dan

Dan Manuzzi, I Dan

Dan Manuzzi, II Dan

Karen Manuzzi, I Dan

David Martin, I Dan 8/8/20

Joseph Martin, I Dan 8/8/20

Billy Martinski, I Dan

Jordan Miles, I Dan

Jordan Miles, II Dan

Jordan Miles, III Dan

Paul Monks, I Dan

Alan Montesdeoca, I Dan 8/8/20

Alan Montesdeoca, II Dan 5/18/23

Justin Nicolett, I Dan

Mark Palmer, I Dan

Hersh Parikh, I Dan

Hersh Parikh, II Dan

Hersh Parikh, III Dan

Bill Piacitelli, II Dan

Andrew Pokladowski, I Dan

Renee Powell, I Dan 8/8/20

Rene Powell, II Dan 10/8/22

Derek Redfern, I Dan

Mathew Romaniello, I Dan

Greg Socha, I Dan

Mathew Socha, I Dan

Mathew Socha, II Dan

Nia Smith, I Dan

Nikhil Tasker, I Dan

Nikhil Tasker, II Dan

Nikhil Tasker, III Dan

Rahul Tasker, I Dan

Luc Walker, I Dan

Mike Walker,  I Dan

Mike Walker, II Dan

Justin Way, I Dan

Marc Wobschall, I Dan

Alexis Zeko, I Dan

Alexis Zeko, II Dan

Timothy Zeko, I Dan

Timothy Zeko, II Dan

Jeremy Zimmerman, I Dan 

Jeremy Zimmerman, II Dan 


Forgive me if I have forgotten anyone. Please contact me to be added to this list. 

Yours truly in Taekwon-Do, Master G.

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